Welcome to Feel Better Naturally!

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet but no promises 🙂

My name is Rebecca. I grew up in North East Florida and am the second child and daughter of five children. I was born with serious health issues and spent most of my childhood in and out of emergency rooms and hospital stays. I was a prescribed druggie and suffered from many side effective’s (some unknown until much later in life.)

In 2004, I married the love of my life and we embarked on a long and incredible journey of becoming parents. Early in my marriage I began to learn about natural remedies and the importance of being proactive in my health care, not just relying on medical science to do it for me. I learned to trust my instincts and what my body is telling me. I am a self-taught healer, leaving the big stuff for medical doctors (like broken limbs and appendix removals – yeah you won’t catch me fixing those things in my kitchen 🙂 ) You will however, see me often treating the common cold, owies, and everyday issues for my family and friends because the less prescription and over the counter drugs you can consume the better!

My journey to doTERRA Essential Oils began in 2010 when I was suffering from a stomach infection (Candida) as the results of antibiotics. I had burned my throat with fuel at work and developed a serious infection. By the Spring of 2010, I was in so much pain and so depressed by what the Candida was doing to my body that I hardly ever got out of bed in the morning or out of my pjs if I did manage to get up. My husband’s aunt called me one morning to discuss Essential Oils with me. I had been interested in learning about Essential Oils the previous Fall, after getting the Bird Flu and using Oregano (from a different company) to help combat it. I had put it on the back burner since I couldn’t find any help about learning what EOs were or how to use them. I found doTERRA through a google search several months prior to this phone call but hadn’t pursued it beyond knowing those were the oils I wanted to use. Instinctively I just knew they were the oils to use. I told my Aunt I really wanted to learn about doTERRA. Well, I am sure you can guess how giddy us girls got when we realized we were talking about the same company 🙂

Having tried all sorts of remedies with no results, I was pretty skeptical that Essential Oils would get rid of my Candida. Well, I gave them a try anyway and within three months not only was the Candida gone but within 3 days a spider/weird bug bite I had gotten while camping that wouldn’t heal was completely healed with a very faint scare (it takes me several minutes to find it) and all signs of Type II Diabetes that I had started to develop were gone within a month. My body was starting to heal and I could feel it. I began to enjoy life again and I found hope. I was excited and began to smile more.

Then we decided to see how the oils could treat infertility. It just seemed too good to be true. It took awhile. A lot of trial and error. A lot of tears and feelings of giving up were shed, but in February 2011, after nearly 6 years of infertility, we were pregnant – two weeks after a formula blend I had created for infertility. I was officially a doTERRA Essential Oils Lover. We held our breaths at first, wondering if this pregnancy would make it full term. Everyone, but me began to relax once I hit 26 weeks. I finally relaxed when I hit 36 weeks.

Our sweet miracle was born November 8, 2011 weighing in a 9 lbs 3 oz 🙂 Although I couldn’t use the majority of the oils during the pregnancy due to the “morning sickness” (that phrase doesn’t even begin to describe what it was like) I was able to use On Guard to help protect Baby and me. Toward the end I also began to use a blend for GBS and after he was born we began to use the oils to help with bruising and swelling he had suffered from birth.

I have seen miracles happen with these oils. We even use them on our dog. I love sharing these oils with those I love and even with strangers! I  hope you will find this blog to be helpful and of course if you want to learn more just contact me through our Contact page :)I know these oils can help you and your loved ones too. I know, because today I am looking at one of those miracles right now, smiling and happily playing at my feet.


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